2408 is an international platform for modern and progressive architecture, urban planning and design. From 2014 onwards Bennet Marburger and Dr. Zhang Ji have been collaborating on innovative projects and established their practice in Hangzhou in 2017. A number of prize winning competition entries and first realized projects show the high quality of 2408’s works. Further projects are currently in design or construction phase.


Our designs are characterized by a deeply humanistic and holistic approach. We believe that good design is about people and can have a large impact on quality of life. Our designs put into account many different aspects, like the local context of the building, social life and the requirements of the users. Sustainability is a key value of 2408. To each project we bring a wide knowledge of sustainable building and ecological building technologies in order to create the best solution for environment and man.


All designs are developed by us in teams. During the design process we carefully consider all possible facets of a project. Therefore we often use plans, renderings, 3d simulations and physical models. Throughout all design stages we work cross-disciplinary with a range of external experts. Thus we offer a fully integrated planning for design tasks of all scales from urban planning to architecture and interior design. From the first sketch onwards all our planning is fully BIM, ensuring innovative solutions and a surpassing quality.


Director, Founding Partner

Originating from Berlin, Germany, Bennet Marburger has studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin with obtaining a diploma of engineering. He is registered architect at the Architects’Chamber of Berlin, Germany.

Previously he has worked for EUROLABORS in Germany and Obermeyer Engineering Consulting in Shanghai, China. There he has gathered broad experience in planning and executing architecture, interior designs and urban masterplanning for public and corporate clients.


Managing Director, Founding Partner 

Dr. Zhang Ji has studied architecture at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Engineering. Shortly afterwards she was awarded the National Studying Abroad Schloarship by the China Scholarship Council and studied at Technical University of Berlin. With her successful research on sustainable retrofit of housings in Germany and China she achieved the PhD title.

Subsequently Dr. Zhang Ji was Project Manager for“Competence Center for Sustainable Building in China (CCSBC)“ a PPP-project at GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) in Shanghai, participating in designing and managing sustainable buildings in China, which were awarded by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).